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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Waiting to start your becoming course? Or are you wanting to get stuck in on more areas? Well, look no further, we have online short courses to cater for your every need. Everything from Astrology to Human Design. What are you waiting for?

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Astrology 101

So, what is astrology, and what do astrologers do? In her wonderful guide, The Essential Guide to Practical Astrology: Everything from zodiac signs to prediction, made easy and entertaining, one of my mentors, April Elliott Kent, explains it this way, "Astrology is the study of the connection between celestial activity phenomena and earthly events. Those who practice astrology are called astrologers."

Those earthly events might include career, relationship, and wellness insights in your weekly or monthly horoscope. The most reliable of these columns are written by professional astrologers who do their best to explain how the planets' current movements are affecting you based on where the planets were when you were born.

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